About Us


Albany Trustee is privately owned and steadfastly independent. Established in 1970 with a global outlook and a can-do approach the company continues, as it always has, by placing discretion, confidentiality and trust at its very core.


Our professionally qualified and experienced team have decades of knowledge and provide bespoke administrative services and high quality reporting with corporate governance and substance at the core.

Service Led

We provide an exceptional level of service to our clients and are recognised as a leading corporate services provider. With easy access to the Senior Management Team and flexible working practices we are committed to building, maintaining and enhancing long-standing relationships.

Fee Transparency

Whenever possible detailed costs are provided and agreed in advance for clearly referenced invoicing and budgeting.

Philosophy, Values, and Mission Statement

  • We value our independence
  • Our overriding objective is to maintain a consistently exceptional level of service for our clients and be recognised as one of the leading regulated trust and corporate service providers
  • The Albany Trustee team is highly qualified, experienced and committed to the long-term success of our clients
  • We have a global outlook
  • We value discretion, confidentiality and trust alongside the highest level of service as essential elements of building long lasting client and intermediary relationships
  • Maintaining our reputation and that of our clients is of paramount importance
  • Through our local and global network of professional advisors we are able to connect with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in order to provide a technically informed service to our clients
  • Having provided a seamless and consistently high-quality service to our clients since 1970, we have upheld our continued commitment to providing our clients with the best service which has withstood the test of time


To build on Albany Trustee’s last 50 years’ experience and relationships to achieve a century of independence with existing and new clients.

Why Guernsey?

  • Stable, secure self-governing jurisdiction
  • Robust constitutional, legislative and regulatory framework
  • Independent legal, fiscal and administrative systems
  • Long established global finance centre
  • Culture of innovation and concentration of highly qualified professionals (legal, tax, investment, accounting etc)
  • Tradition of providing specialist wealth management services for sophisticated clients and their families
  • Commitment to international transparency and clients’ rights to privacy

Who We Are

  • Based in Guernsey, founded in 1970
  • Privately owned and independent
  • Licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission
  • Strong Corporate Governance culture
  • Dynamic, qualified and experienced team
  • Efficient, proactive and pragmatic
  • Focus on long-standing client and intermediary relationships
  • Organic growth from existing relationships including professional 3rd party advisors
  • Tailored solutions - which may include trusts, companies, foundations and limited partnerships
  • Transparency of fees and detailed budgets
  • Value for money service

Bespoke, Professional and Service Driven

The company’s PTIA “ Pro-active, Technically, Informed Administration” approach has led to many long-standing trusted client relationships and assisted in building strong relationships with third party advisors.

We are extremely responsive to requests from existing clients, third party intermediaries and new business enquiries. Our team are available to provide prompt support and we are continually developing ways to improve client experiences.

Professionally qualified, efficient use of technology, continually evolving policies & procedures. Bespoke client reporting.

All of our staff hold relevant Professional qualifications and have decades of knowledge and experience.

As Professional administrators we are motivated to deliver efficient and effective service.

What Can We Do For You?

Albany Trustee work closely with a number of prestigious professional advisors to help coordinate, establish and administer the best possible structure solutions for our clients. Our Family Wealth Structuring and Services include:

  • Trusts establishment and administration
  • Foundation establishment and administration
  • Private Trust Company - establishment and administration
  • Limited Partnership -establishment and administration
  • Companies - establishment and administration
  • Nominee, Escrow and Security Trustee Provision
  • Family Office, Private Services, Entrepreneurs and Concierge Services
  • Family Corporate Governance