A Foundation is a legal entity, specifically created for a specific purpose (often as a private wealth management tool or for charitable and corporate purposes), operating in accordance with a constitutional Charter and a set of Rules subject to the Laws of its jurisdiction.

For those from civil law jurisdictions for whom the concept of a trust may be unfamiliar, a foundation will be easily recognised by third parties in their home jurisdiction.

Benefits may include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Succession planning
  • Asset protection
  • Flexibility with regards to lifetime of foundation
  • The founder’s involvement in the administration

Albany has extensive experience in the establishment and administration of foundations and can provide:

  • Foundation establishment
  • The provision of council members and registered office
  • Administration of assets in accordance with the Charter, The Rules and the Law
  • Robust corporate governance and ongoing reporting



We apply our expertise and nearly 50 years of experience to act as either Corporate Trustee, Protector or Enforcer to a wide variety of trust structures including:

  • Discretionary trusts
  • Purpose trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Employee incentive schemes
  • Interest in possession
  • Accumulance and Maintenance

We also assist with the establishment and administration of Private Trust Companies for those wishing to incorporate their own trustee.

Every client’s requirements and therefore structure is unique however benefits may include:

  • Asset ownership, management, administration and reporting consolidation (convergence of domestic and/or internationally diverse assets)
  • Succession/inheritance planning and wealth protection for family business (especially for second / third generation family business with diverse ownership)
  • Asset protection purposes
  • Protection of inheritance for young children (whilst protecting spouse/partner)
  • Provision for vulnerable relatives who are unlikely to be able to look after their own affairs
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Life insurance policies written in trust
  • Retirement trusts
  • Employee incentive schemes;

Albany works closely with a number of advisors (tax, legal and investment) to ensure client optimal structures.

Private Trust Company

The purpose of a Private Trust Company is to act exclusively as a Corporate Trustee of a limited number of trusts.

Benefits over a third party trustee may include:

  • Control
    By giving the family and their trusted advisors direct control and influence over the trust decision making process.
  • Succession
    Enables family members (including the younger generation) to understand and participate in family corporate governance and decision making facilitating wealth succession.
  • Flexibility & Ease
    Private Trust Companies are bespoke to the families they serve. A Private Trust Company created in Guernsey is not required to have its own fiduciary license, provided it does not receive remuneration for its services as a trustee.
  • Confidentiality and Protection
    Private Trust Companies are protected from fiduciary risk and are completely confidential.

Albany can assist in establishing and administering a Private Trust Company and its underlying structures in conjunction with the family's professional advisors.

Further Information

To access further information or request additional details regarding our corporate services please contact Lee Mealing.