Family Office

Albany Trustee understands that every client’s needs are unique and this tailored approach ensures that each family are provided with the services they require. So, by listening to what our family office clients value most, we integrate all family and entrepreneur wealth requirements into one seamless service. Our attention to detail, excellent value for money and fee transparency make Albany Trustee your ideal partner.

From coordinating affairs and structuring, Albany brings diverse family assets together within a professionally administered framework. We provide Directors, Company Secretaries and if required a Registered Office for Guernsey companies.

Our thorough understanding of the complexities of significant wealth ensure appropriate management, monitoring, succession and estate planning safeguards are all in place.

Albany Trustee offers a comprehensive concierge service to deal with personal affairs. These may range from monitoring personal investments, managing household bills, organising travel and assisting with day to day needs generally.

We are a multi-family office, providing all structures with detailed and efficient corporate governance services.

  • Appropriate risk monitoring, asset allocation and asset protection
  • Investment manager selection, monitoring and reporting of investment performance
  • Implementation of Succession Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Transfer of wealth between generations
  • Appointment of appropriate advisors including legal and tax
  • Maintenance of records and taking minutes of family meetings
  • Provision of a family investment advisory committee
  • Bespoke periodic reporting

Asset Class Experience

Examples of Albany Trustee Structure Types and Asset Experience

  • Trading structures, including large listed corporations
  • Private equity and hedge funds
  • Partnerships
  • Intellectual property
  • Cash, fixed income and marketable securities
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Landed estate and agricultural assets
  • Luxury assets

Transaction Management

We pride ourselves on our level of skill and experience and offer a wide variety of transaction management services.

  • Property acquisition, development, management and disposal
  • Trading company management
  • Debt structuring and financing
  • Financial control: Collection of rent/income, payment of expenses and payroll services
  • Corporate finance transaction management and regulatory reporting
  • Company reorganisation and migrations
  • Safe custody
  • Risk management, global asset allocation and asset protection.
  • Safe custody and escrow arrangements

Further Information

To access further information or request additional details regarding our corporate services please contact Lee Mealing.