Companies & Limited Partnerships

Corporate administration is in our DNA and Albany Trustee has, since 1970, provided corporate and related services to private clients, corporates and joint ventures including established international trading businesses, listed funds and quoted companies (FTSE 100).

Our experienced team is well versed to offer an efficient and informed service that includes Guernsey Limited Partnerships and Companies. Each of these vehicles has its own merits for investors and we are able to assist with the formation and ongoing administration, including appointments of Directors, Lawyers and tax Advisors.

Services across a wide range of trading and investment activity and asset classes include:

  • Company formation, registered agent and nominee shareholders
  • Registered office and physical office space
  • Company Directors (corporate and individual), Officers, Secretary
  • Non-Executive Director services
  • Provision of nominee services (e.g. investment clubs, trading platforms, security trustee and escrow arrangements)
  • Limited partnership establishment and administration
  • Administrative services including accounting, company secretarial etc
  • Liaison between professional advisers (tax, legal, wealth management, property etc)
  • Transaction management

Entity Management

We pride ourselves on our level of skill and provide expertise and experience in administering our client entities.

Examples include:

  • Property / diverse asset class ownership
  • Cash and fixed asset management including property portfolios
  • Investment purchase, holding and sale (execution and advisory)
  • Discretionary mandates with wealth managers
  • International trading structures
  • Administering entities with significant percentage stakes in UK publicly quoted companies and ensuring compliance with associated regulatory monitoring and reporting
  • Transaction management for corporate finance type transactions including debt structuring and financing
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Security Trustee / Escrow arrangements
  • Safe Custody
  • Nominee services


Further Information

To access further information or request additional details regarding our corporate services please contact Lee Mealing.